Space Age architecture, with its signature geometry and unforgettable neon, is quickly disappearing from the American roadside.

In an effort to preserve that midcentury style, artist Wesley Treat creates handcrafted works modeled after the characteristic Googie-style signage of decades past.

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<a href="/products/motel-pool-sign">Motel Pool Sign</a> <a href="/products/no-vacancy">Neon No Vacancy Sign</a> <a href="/products/seligman">The Seligman</a> <a href="/products/electric-office-sign">Electric Office Sign</a> <a href="/products/barnwood-letters">Barnwood Letters</a> <a href="/products/metal-drugs-sign">Metal Drugs Sign</a> <a href="/products/moon-lander">The Moon Lander</a> <a href="/products/wayfarer">Strato-Sphere II: The Wayfarer</a> <a href="/products/diner-letters">Diner Letters</a> <a href="/products/the-prewitt">The Prewitt</a>